Mature Dating Someone Younger Than You

Published: 29th September 2010
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Senior dating, with a younger mate, is becoming increasingly commonplace for men and women alike. People are realizing that society does not have the power to control their lives. Despite societyís tendency to frown on non-traditional practices, it is quite normal to see younger women and men with much older partners. Some folks question whether a man and woman who are several years apart in age can truly be compatible. Can an internet relationship go the distance and even lead to marriage?

There are many factors that go into why mature singles find each other alluring. Quite often there is a mutual attraction but neither of you may know the reason. Genuine attraction to someone is not something that can be denied or changed. Even if the person you have an attraction to might be quite a bit younger than you it is still true. If there is a connection between you, there is a reason for it. Age does not necessarily matter when trying to determine if there is a connection between two people.

Don't try to guess someone's age based on their appearance. Quite a few folks over fifty can pass for being thirty. Their health and level of activity can be equivalent to what was when they were thirty something.

Advances in medical research and anti-aging products have led people to appear much younger than they are. But, these males and females are usually a lot more mature than the younger ones. Generally this is a major attraction. This is especially true for younger women who prefer to date older men.

Since it has been proven that men mature at a slower rate then women, it only makes sense that women would look to men that are older to find that maturity and adult behavior that they are looking for. These are some of the same reasons that men are choosing to date older women. They want a woman that is mature and that can direct them in life. They want someone that can put up with a little bit of immaturity and can handle their lifestyle and behaviors.

The question is, can relationships for two people with a significant age gap between them be successful? Is it possible for them to begin something that will last a lifetime? The answer is a resounding yes. There are many couples that have been in intimate, long-term relationships for years with their partner. In some cases the age gap between people in these relationships is about twenty years or more. It should be remembered that some of these couples are married, have families, participate in bedroom activities and lead "normal" lives.

Donít discount the possibility of having a long-lasting and beautiful relationship with someone younger than yourself. The first thing is to decide if you can handle what society says and thinks. If you can handle what folks might say you will be off to a great start. You can focus all of your time and effort into your relationship and making it the best that it can possibly be. As long as you enter into a relationship for all the right reasons, you are guaranteed the best chance at things working out for the best; for both of you.

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